Pharmatek adds spray drying to drug manufacturing capabilities

Pharmatek Laboratories, a pharmaceutical chemistry development company, has added spray drying to its drug formulation and manufacturing capabilities.Pharmatek has acquired a Buchi B-290 Mini Spray Dryer for formulation feasibility studies and small-scale clinical manufacture.
The technology can be used for both oral and parenteral dosage forms.

Spray drying allows coating of particles, creating matrices of drug and polymers (spray dried dispersion), and manufacturing of microcapsules, in addition to converting liquid solutions or suspensions into solids in a single process step.

Pharmatek CEO and CSO Jeffrey Bibbs said spray drying not only forms an integral technology in the company’s toolkit for formulating insoluble compounds, it even offers variety of advantages such as enhanced robustness and reproducibility, ability to control and create uniform particle size, and stabilize volatile and thermo-sensitive compounds.

Pharmatek president Tim Scott said adding spray drying to the drug development toolkit provides another degree of sophistication to Pharmatek’s broad array of formulation technologies and equipment.