United Imaging delivered twelve mobile DR systems to support Ukraine in fight against COVID-19

United Imaging, an innovation solution provider for advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, confirmed that the first batch of 12 mobile digital radiography (DR) systems has arrived in Ukraine and is now being installed in 11 hospitals across 9 cities, where they will be used for COVID-19 patients.

“In the fight against COVID-19, our DR systems, as well as intelligent CT scanners and AI-assisted diagnostic system, have been immensely helpful to a large number of hospitals around the world to improve diagnosis and treatment process for patients,” said Dr. Jusong Xia, senior vice president and president of international business (outside the U.S.), of United Imaging.

As of May 9, Ukraine had more than 14,195 confirmed cases of COVID-19, roughly 19% of which were medical workers.

With an innovative remote vision and control feature, uDR 370i provides effective protection for healthcare provider. A unique remote tablet is equipped to monitor patients in real time, preview images, and adjust exposure at a distance of 33 feet, thus minimizing cross-infection between physicians and patients. It can also fully meet the needs of ICU, emergency, and bedside radiography in isolation areas. Additionally, the system enables continuous travel for more than 60 miles on a single battery charge.

Jusong Xia said, “We will continue providing our cutting-edge innovations to support our customers across the globe during this difficult period.”

Currently, United Imaging is fully adapting its R&D, manufacturing, and logistic resources across the whole value chain to secure supplies for global pandemic control. In the near future, United Imaging will ship more DR systems to the front lines to fight COVID-19 in Ukraine and other countries.


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