Turkish Cargo expands the Pharma Corridor in its wide flight network

Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing global air cargo brand thanks to its wide flight network, keeps bringing health to the world by carrying pharmaceuticals between destinations certified by the global aviation authorities.

The successful brand has created a pharma corridor between over 400 stations by carrying pharmaceuticals in important and certified destinations such as Mumbai, Brussels, Istanbul, Singapore, Dubai, Basel, London, and Amsterdam.

Turkish Airlines Chief Cargo Officer, Turhan Özen said; “As Turkish Cargo, we carry out the pharmaceutical transports from Atatürk and Istanbul Airports that have been certified by the global air cargo authorities and thus hold the IATA CEIV certificate within the cold chain integrity. While maintaining our successful Dual Hub operations, we carry out the land transports between two airports by using active temperature-controlled vehicles that hold all the necessary international certificates to preserve the cold chain integrity. Besides, the natural hub Istanbul, which is at the center of gravity of the air cargo trade, provides the appropriate climate conditions for the time and temperature sensitive cargo transportation throughout the year. Together with our flag-carrier master brand Turkish Airlines, we aim to become one of the top three air bridges of the world.”

Operating in 15 stations that hold the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certificate, Turkish Cargo also has completed the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate renewal process for Atatürk Airport and is qualified for the the same certificate for Istanbul Airport (IST) now as well.

The global air cargo brand, which serves in 14 stations that hold the EU’s Good Distribution Practice certificate, also carries out its pharmaceutical transport operations in 40 stations that hold QEP (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) certificate and ensures active temperature control between destinations that are thousands of kilometers far from each other.

Maintaining its operations in compliance with the global air cargo standards in 126 countries of the world, Turkish Cargo continues to offer active and passive solutions for medicine consignments through its storage areas within the temperature range of -20/+25° C that meet high quality standards along with temperature-controlled wide body and cargo aircraft.
Covering the world with its wide flight network composed of over 300 stations with 88 of them being direct cargo destinations, Turkish Cargo continues to be a preferred brand in air cargo transportation sector by ensuring a sustainable growth with its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet, and specialist teams.

About Turkish Cargo:
In addition to the flight network of Turkish Airlines, which flies to more destinations than any other airline with 126 countries in its flight network, Turkish Cargo provides more than 300 destinations air cargo services, 88 of them direct cargo flight destinations. Turkish Cargo serves with 24 cargo freighters as well as the fleet of 347 aircraft of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul hub, which has strategic importance linking the continents. Our goal, as the fastest growing and developing air cargo brand in the world, is to be one of the top 5 air cargo carriers in 2023. For more; www.turkishcargo.com.tr