TraceLink Introduces New Agile Issue Management Solution

TraceLink, Inc., the leading digital platform company for the life science supply chain, unveiled Agile Issue Management™, a network-based supply chain solution that enables companies to collaboratively identify, document and resolve disruptive supply chain issues to ensure the availability of critical medicines and healthcare products for commercial partners and patients.

Agile Issue Management is a collaboration platform that connects internal stakeholders to their network of external trading partners to quickly identify issues and respond to disruptions in their supply chains. By leveraging one common platform, supply chain partners can coordinate their response to issues and disruptions, greatly improving the effectiveness of the resolution process while reducing the cost of valuable personnel time. This is an important first step in building supply chain agility and resilience.

“Unplanned events and disruptions have become our ‘next normal’. Today’s process for managing supply chain issues – emails, faxes, phone calls and spreadsheets – is no longer sufficient,” said Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO, TraceLink. “By reacting immediately to issues in a structured and organized way, supply chain networks have the power to drive immediate value. We’ve seen this power first-hand, with our early adopters reducing manufacturing disruptions by over 90 percent and generating more than $100 million in annual cost savings.”

Key Capabilities of Agile Issue Management Include:

  • Resolve Issues Faster. Every issue is identified, logged and accountability assigned to ensure the right people are aware and respond immediately.
  • Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions. Partners across the supply chain can identify and resolve issues early, before they become operational disruptions. Additionally, the root cause analysis capabilities allow for early detection of systemic problems, preventing issues from reoccurring.
  • Gain Visibility and Control. Leaders can use dashboards to proactively follow issues, track operational incidents, and monitor the progress of issue resolution.
  • Collaborate on Change Requests and Quality Documentation. Managing change requests and quality release documentation is done in one place.

About TraceLink
TraceLink is the leading platform company for the life science supply chain, bringing hundreds of thousands of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations closer to their patients on its digital supply network. In today’s world of unpredictable supply chain disruptions, TraceLink solutions bring the precision, agility and visibility necessary for high performance digital supply chains to thrive in a constantly evolving environment, enabling companies to ensure every patient gets the medicines they need, when they need them, safely and securely. With headquarters in Massachusetts, TraceLink has six global offices through North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.