The New HygroFlex8 – The All-in-One Industrial Transmitter from Rotronic

The new HF8 humidity and temperature transmitters from Rotronic are ideal for fixed-installation applications requiring high-precision measurements. Based on the new advanced AirChip3000 technology, the HygroFlex8 communicates with all HygroClip2 probe types, which utilise Rotronic’s time-tested sensors and are used in thousands of applications worldwide.

Precision that is tough to beat

Together with the digital HygroClip2 probes, the HygroFlex8 is one of the most versatile and precise humidity and temperature measuring instruments available on the market.

With a measurement accuracy of 0.8% RH and 0.1°C, the instruments can measure humidity ranges from 0% to 100% RH and overall temperature ranges of -100°C to 200°C depending on the type of probe being used. The latest AirChip3000 technology guarantees an automatic sensor test and drift compensation, and every probe is temperature-compensated with over 30,000 data points to maintain the highest possible accuracy over the entire measuring range.

The ultimate transmitter in flexibility and configurability

The HF8 has two probe inputs and the optional HW4 software allows users to configure the connected HygroClip2 or third-party analog probes exactly to their needs. Each HF8 has four analog outputs and four alarm relays programmable to any probe input and any probe parameter, including all psychrometric calculations such as dew point or wet-bulb. Audible and visual alarms can be activated as well. The data logging function on the HygroFlex8 allows recording of up to 20,000 data points with date and time stamp. Users can configure the logging intervals and download, store and graph the data with the HW4 software.

Completely networkable

The optional digital outputs additionally enable connection to a network via Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (POE). If the user so wishes, the HF8 can be integrated into an RS485 network and/or make multi-drop connections in which an unlimited number of devices can be connected. All this complies with FDA CFR 21 part 11 and GAMP regulatory requirements when used with the HW4 software.

The HygroFlex8 is a true ‘all-in-one’ device suitable for use in nearly all industrial applications – in the pharmaceutical and food industries, automotive industry, BAS/HVAC and many others.

Email Rotronic or visit their website to find out further information about the new HygroFlex8 and all about humidity and temperature measurement.