Syapse Launches Application to Make Omics Data Actionable in Clinical R&D

Syapse announced today the commercial launch of Discovery, its cloud-based application for making omics data actionable in clinical research and development. Discovery combines a powerful platform for aggregating and structuring biomedical data with intuitive data mining, workflow, and reporting features, enabling biopharma and diagnostics companies to leverage the increasing amount of data generated by advanced omics technologies such as next-generation sequencing.

“Syapse Discovery is a powerful solution for harnessing thelarge volumes of disparate data typeswe generate,” said Ron Collette, Chief Information Officer for Foundation Medicine, a molecular information company whose next-generation sequencing technology for cancer helps doctors match patients with relevant targeted therapies and clinical trials. “Syapse Discovery provides a valuable platform for understanding data and quality metrics, which is important for continual technology enhancement.”

Discovery is used by next-generation sequencing-based molecular diagnostics companies to organize their R&D data and processes, and gain the insights necessary to develop and deliver their diagnostic tests. By bringing together omics and clinical data, Discovery helps biopharma companies apply omics-based inclusion/exclusion criteria to clinical trials and assess how cohorts are responding.

“Syapse Discovery is the critical data hub for our multi-platform diagnostic test for heritable diseases,” said Sean George, Co-founder and CEO of Locus Development. “Discovery helps us organize and integrate our research, clinical lab, and data analysis efforts, enabling us to deliver our test results faster. The platform’s flexibility allowed us to customize it for our needs, and rapidly integrate with a variety of existing automation and databases.”

Discovery is built on Syapse’s semantic data platform, which understands large-scale, complex biomedical data and presents relevant information to appropriate decision-makers. The platform’s suite of programmatic interfaces enable Discovery to bring together data from disparate systems, such as gene sequencing machines and clinical data warehouses, creating a common structure through which critical information can be interrogated and made actionable. Discovery is a cloud-based application, leveraging the industry-leading reliability, scalability, and security of Amazon Web Services (TM). More information, including a trial request form, is available at

About Syapse

Syapse is developing a suite of cloud-based software applications that bring together biomedical data, workflows, and results in an actionable way for medical researchers, providers, and payers. Spun out of Stanford University and led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, software developers, and scientists, Syapse’s first application, Discovery, enables molecular diagnostics and biopharma companies to make omics data actionable in clinical R&D. For more information, please see