STERIS invests in the future of sterilization monitoring STERIS

STERIS, a global leader in decontamination and infection control, has recently announced major new investment in its Albert Browne Ltd subsidiary, helping to ensure the future development of this world class and globally trusted brand of sterilisation monitoring products. Already at the forefront of sterility assurance with its renowned Bowie Dick tests and TST Control products with the unique Intelligent Ink Technology offerings, this additional funding will allow further expansion of the Albert Browne range in a number of market sectors, with additional products already announced for the dentistry and podiatry sectors. 

Recently announced restructuring of STERIS Corporation’s European operations has created a unique opportunity for Albert Browne to further extend its customer services and research capabilities through creation of a Centre of Excellence at its Leicester site. This facility will provide technical training and educational support for all cleaning chemistries, sterility assurance systems and applied infection control products, as well as featuring a research centre to optimise instrument processing and customer workflows for improved patient outcomes.

Alan Charlton, General Manager of Albert Browne Ltd, commented: “This new venture will provide our customers around the world with exceptional services to help them establish, implement and optimise their infection prevention and sterile services. By working closely with our application specialists and technical teams, customers can be certain that they have access to the appropriate expertise at the right time, reinforcing our ‘world class and globally trusted’ ethos and providing cost and efficiency savings which will ultimately lead to better care for patients.”


STERIS Corporation is a leading provider of infection prevention and surgical products and services, focused primarily on critical healthcare, pharmaceutical and research markets. The Company’s more than 5,000 dedicated employees around the world work together to supply a broad array of solutions by offering a combination of equipment, consumables and services that enhance Customer productivity and quality, and help make the world a safer place. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol STE.