RBCC Target’s Brain Injury Treatment Awareness Campaign Reaches Milestone

Rainbow BioSciences, LLC, the biotech subsidiary of Rainbow Coral Corp., today announced the collaboration of its latest target, Amarantus BioSciences, Inc., with Brewer Sports International to increase awareness about new medical therapies in development to effectively treat traumatic brain injuries, commonly referred to as concussions, occurring primarily as a result of football and other contact sports.

The Coalition for Concussion Treatment campaign, known under its Twitter handle as #C4CT, has reached the critical milestone of 100 people signing a petition endorsing the movement and seeking to disseminate critical information about promising new therapies BSI will be identifying and raising awareness for over the next several months. Raising awareness of new advancement in developing treatments for TBI is critically important because it will allow the broader community to support drug developers’ efforts.

Recent research on concussions suffered by athletes of all ages, including children, is rapidly changing the public’s view of the impact these injuries have on players, including horrific side effects such as dementia and even suicide, as has been seen by the recent tragic deaths of certain current and former NFL and NHL players.

The newly formed Coalition for Concussion Treatment will focus on educating parents, players, fans and the sports community at large on the potential that new advances in developing new treatments for acute symptoms, as well as reducing the long-term negative impact of these devastating injuries have on the brain known as recovery of function. The sports community can have a meaningful positive influence on pushing new treatments in development forward.

AMBS is a biotech firm that has developed a therapeutic protein known as MANF to treat disorders associated with endoplasmic reticulum stress, including traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other afflictions. The firm is also working on a blood test designed to Parkinson’s disease and has teamed up with Banyan Biomarkers, the leader in the development of in vitro diagnostics for concussions, on a new treatment for TBI. Amarantus and Banyan expect to release an update from their work to the public shortly.

RBCC signed a letter of intent with AMBS earlier this week.

As awareness and concern spreads regarding the devastating health issues that can accompany concussions, the market for the diagnostic and treatment options being developed by AMBS is growing by the day. The Coalition for Concussion Treatment stands poised to drive increases in demand for these products. It was created to begin a viral campaign through Twitter and other digital and social media outlets to help ignite awareness of the severity of concussions and enhance treatment efforts.

Despite the growing rate of incidence of traumatic brain injuries, very few treatments and no cures are yet available. RBCC and AMBS plan to help change that.

Rainbow BioSciences is dedicated to developing new medical and research technology innovations to compete alongside companies such as Amgen Inc., Cell Therapeutics, Inc., Abbott Laboratories and Affymax, Inc..