Perlen Packaging announces the launch of the innovation PERLALUX-MultiLayer ultra 280

Perlen Packaging is expanding its product range for pharmaceutical blister films with the innovation – PERLALUX®- MultiLayer ultra 280. Thanks to its smart design, the new ultra-high barrier PVdC film should be universally applicable and has optimised processing properties.

Perlen Packaging, an international company specializing in film production and film coating
for the pharmaceutical industry with headquarters in Switzerland, today announces the
launch of the innovation PERLALUX® -MultiLayer ultra 280.

Perlen Packaging already surprised the market in 2007 with the first PVdC based, high
barrier film: PERLALUX® -Tristar ultra is now successfully established as an efficient and inexpensive alternative to PCTFE films.

In 2012 a new generation, PERLALUX® -Ultra protect was launched in the market. A further
development with the highest water vapour and oxygen barrier, which gave Perlen
Packaging a further competitive advantage, by offering the product to the global
Pharmaceutical industry. The most important pharmaceutical companies worldwide are using
these high barrier films today.

Perlen Packaging has now succeeded in expanding the product line with the highlight
PERLALUX® MultiLayer ultra 280″. “MultiLayer ultra 280 combines an increased water
vapour and oxygen barrier with optimised processability. The product perfectly completes our range of ultra-high PVdC barriers“, said Lars Kirchhoff, Chief Sales Officer of Perlen

Due to the sandwich structure, the PVdC barrier is protected against external mechanical
damage. The symmetrical design also prevents confusion between the inside and the

Thanks to the optimised structure and total thickness, a higher yield is achieved compared to
other high barrier films (more m2/kg).

Lower temperatures are sufficient when forming the material. In addition, the MultiLayer ultra
280 innovation is optimised for thermoforming machines with gap heating and enables
excellent processing; this also applies to machines with short heating plates and a limited
number of heating zones.

Like all products from Perlen Packaging, PERLALUX® MultiLayer ultra 280 is manufactured in accordance with the GMP and ISO 15378 standards.

About Perlen Packaging:
Perlen Packaging, headquartered in Switzerland, produces a comprehensive range of
products from PVC Mono films to coated PVdC high barrier films for the pharmaceutical
industry with five locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, China and Brazil. Perlen
Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of coated films worldwide and, with 416 employees,
achieved sales of CHF 153.2 million in 2019. The products are mainly used for blister
packaging of medicines. Perlen Packaging is a member of the CPH group.