OncoQR ML GmbH and TYG Oncology, Ltd Expand their Collaboration Against Cancers

TYG oncology, a UK biotechnology company specializing in hormone neutralization therapy for gastrointestinal cancers, and OncoQR ML GmbH, an Austrian biotechnology company specializing in developing therapeutic vaccines against oncological and infectious disease targets using the S-TIR™ technology platform, have expanded their collaboration to develop additional therapeutic vaccines against gastrointestinal cancers. The parties have agreed on confidentiality regarding the general terms and financial details of the transaction.

TYG oncology’s lead vaccine candidate is TYG100, a novel immunotherapy based on the S-TIR™ technology platform, targeted against pancreatic and other gastrointestinal cancers for the clinically validated target gastrin (G17). With the expansion of the collaboration, TYG oncology has also been awarded the exclusive, unlimited right to exploit the S-TIR™ technology for other forms of gastrin and related gastrointestinal targets.

Fred Jacobs, CEO of TYG oncology Ltd. remarked “We are very fortunate to be collaborating with OncoQR ML on TYG100. We’ve succeeded in achieving therapeutic levels of gastrin neutralising antibodies in non-human primates, our closest cousins, with only one shot of TYG100.  A predecessor vaccine developed in the early 2000’s didn’t induce enough high responders in phase III studies to justify approval. By re-designing this vaccine based on the S-TIR™ Technology Platform the difference in immunogenicity is enormous; it is like comparing a dripping tap with the water at maximum flow. Therefore, together with our collaborators OncoQR ML, we plan to publish ASAP the immunologically important results of this spectacular dose-ranging study in non-human primates (NHP) in a peer reviewed journal. The predecessor vaccine had no serious adverse events and now TYG100 demonstrates powerful immunogenicity with 100% high responders, 100% checkpoint control and with 0% serious adverse events observed. In a parallel arm of the trial, there was little attenuation of the immune response by gemcitabine, the most frequently used chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, when given in combination with TYG100. This is particularly good news for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of cancer. We are delighted to expand our collaboration and look forward to working even more closely with OncoQR ML in the future when we expect to introduce other vaccines based on the S-TIR™ technology platform.”

Dr. Geert C. Mudde, Inventor of the S-TIR™ technology platform and a Founder and CSO for both TYG oncology and OncoQR ML commented, “We are extremely excited about the characteristics that TYG100 has shown in this NHP trial. For an immunotherapy to provide maximum clinical value in an aggressive disease such as pancreatic cancer, the immune response must be really strong and be achieved really fast. It is critical that the suspension of checkpoint control – which allows the immune system to mount a powerful attack against tumor cells as it does not consider them as ‘own’ cells – is reversible. The data from our recent NHP trials show that TYG100 has just these characteristics.”

Christof Langer, CEO of OncoQR ML, added, “This success encouraged us to expand our collaboration. I am extremely pleased that the recently announced positive data with TYG100 in non-human primates has strengthened the existing relationship with TYG oncology.  With the expansion of the collaboration, TYG oncology is now the sole developer of TYG100 and will be leading the product into the clinic and on to the market. OncoQR ML will do whatever it can to support TYG oncology in order to achieve clinical success and provide patients and clinicians with urgently needed new treatment options.”

TYG oncology is now seeking commercial partners for the fast track clinical development of its Orphan Drug TYG100 against pancreatic cancer and gastroesophageal cancer, two orphan diseases with poor survival rates.

About TYG oncology

TYG oncology Ltd was founded in the UK in 2013 as a joint venture between Astrimmune founders and OncoQR ML to further develop hormone neutralization therapies in gastrointestinal cancers. TYG oncology filed for patent protection of TYG100 in 2014. With their extensive experience in this field having worked together with a prototype anti-gastrin vaccine in the early 2000’s, the founders of TYG oncology and OncoQR ML have committed themselves to bringing this immunotherapy to the patients and clinicians who desperately seek alternative treatments. TYG100 has already achieved orphan drug designation by the FDA for pancreatic cancer.