Next-Generation Cell Sorter from Beckman Coulter Enables Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Studies

MoFlo Astrios next-generation cell sorter from Beckman Coulter, Inc. leverages the stable fluidic design of the original MoFlo and the electronic processing of the MoFlo XDP, while expanding sorting capabilities with an array of laser options.  A range of unique software components further enhances instrument functionality. Complex, multi-color sorting is enabled by seven pinholes that spatially separate each of the seven lasers.  Auto start-up allows the researcher to define when lasers and fluidics turn on, saving valuable time.  The multi-fiber Beam Shaping Optic creates flat-top beam profiles, providing short alignment times and high-level optic stability.  Two stages control the alignment for all seven lasers to simplify sorter preparation.

Beckman Coulters IntelliSort II is a bead-less drop delay determination and monitoring system.  Camera images and proprietary algorithms determine optimal drop delay without fluorescent beads being incorporated in the sample line. A quick-release nozzle design enables easy removal or swapping of the nozzle body and tip through the use of a single lever.

The auto-quality control allows system performance to be tracked and trended across 32 available parameters, while the updated Summit Software permits six-way sorting into tubes and sorting into plates having as many as 1536 wells.  Index-sorting logic tracks each plate-sorted cell back to its histogram or scatter plot.  A touchscreen control panel facilitates daily set-up with operations designed around core laboratory workflow.

Brad Calvin, vice president and general manager of Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry said, The range of features incorporated on MoFlo Astrios elevates the sorting and productivity capabilities available to the researcher. This instrument reflects our commitment to providing scientists with instruments that combine cutting-edge performance with workflow gains.

Biosafety features are prominent on the system.  The Aerosol Evacuation System (AES) filters particles from all chambers where aerosols have the potential of being generated.  A fully-sealed sort chamber housing on the redesigned R-Theta CyClone arm facilitates aerosol evacuation capabilities, which are tested to current ISAC guidelines.  A custom BioSafety Level II cabinet option provides a cabinet that is tested to NSF-49 International Standards with the MoFlo Astrios inside.

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