Life Technologies Wins Top Ten Innovations of the Year Award

LifeTechnologies Corporation announced that its Applied Biosystems Attune(TM) Acoustic Focusing Cytometer has been named one of the Top Ten Innovations of 2010 by The Scientist Magazine. On an annual basis for the past three years, the publication gathers a panel of expert judges to evaluate life science technologies and determine the ten most exciting tools to hit the life sciences market. Attune is a first of its kind cytometry system designed to use sound waves to precisely control the movement of cells. The groundbreaking, proprietary technology enables scientists to gather statistical data on a large number of heterogeneous cells to study parameters within a cell population, including size, complexity, phenotype and health. By using Attune, scientists can more easily interpret their data due to less variability, save time by increasing throughput, and analyze rare populations faster and more accurately.

Nicolas Barthelemy, President of Cell Systems at Life Technologies said, We’re proud to be recognized and awarded for technology that we believe will fundamentally change the price/performance curve and make high sensitivity and high throughput flow cytometry easily accessible to most researchers. The acoustic nature of Attune represents the biggest change in the flow cytometry industry in thirty years.

Flow cytometry allows scientists to count and examine cells by passing them through a laser-based detection device. Thousands of cells per second may be counted, allowing rapid characterization of entire populations of cells. Cellular biologists engage in flow cytometry for a rapidly growing range of applications, including the study of proteins expressed by cells (immunophenotyping), quantifying the amount of DNA in cells, cell counting, among others.

The commercialization of Attune leverages the company’s expertise in instrumentation, as well as its position as a long-time leading provider of flow cytometry reagents, to create a system that will offer scientists enhanced sample throughput, sensitivity and accuracy for a range of cell biology applications.

In 2007, Life Technologies was also honored with this award for its next-generation genomic analysis SOLiD(TM) System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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