More part-time chemistry degrees needed says Melbourn Scientific CEO

Analytical chemistry is a field of science where practical laboratory experience during a degree is invaluable. To encourage young people the aerosol industry conference ‘Drug Delivery to the Lung’, now in its 22nd year, has introduced an award for “those who do the research, not their stuffy old boss or academic supervisor”. 

Mark Hammond, CEO of Melbourn Scientific and a member of the organising committee, believes that one of DDL’s strengths is its inclusive ethos and would like to see more opportunities for school leavers to take part-time degree courses.

He says: “DDL is a genuine meeting of minds and covers all aspects of the inhaled device development from the latest drugs to the plastics that are used in inhaler manufacture. It is very fitting that there will be a ‘New Investigator’ award introduced this year in memory of Pat Burnell, who sadly passed away last year. It is aimed at encouraging young researchers to present their work at DDL and this is something she actively promoted.”

Melbourn Scientific is a gold sponsor of DDL and the company has a strong policy of growing young talent through its excellent in-house training. This broadens the capabilities of their workforce and allows scientists to be trained to have exactly the right techniques.

In the past, employees have been able to study part time, either for a chemistry or business-related degree. However, part-time study for science degrees in particular at universities has become less common and there are fewer opportunities for this route to be taken.

Mark Hammond says: “I studied for my Chemistry degree part-time and I think for a practical subject such as science this has many advantages both to the student and the employer. I hope that the increase in tuition fees and the current focus on apprenticeships will encourage universities to rethink their strategies on part time education.”

Melbourn Scientific also works with undergraduates from a selection of universities, taking them on for 6-10 week projects, either in the office for students on an entrepreneurship course or in the lab for chemistry students.

The DDL Organising Committee introduced the award in honour of Dr Patricia (‘Pat’) KP Burnell, and it will be presented annually. Pat was a key instigator for the DDL conference and her vision was for a conference that is accessible and inclusive to all. She was passionate about aerosol science and this award recognises Pat’s contribution to the science.

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