Launch of new CiToxLAB group

CiToxLAB announcement of the new name and logo for the company. The newly established group, created through the merger of CIT and LAB Research, provides a comprehensive range of pre-clinical and specialty services from four facilities in France, Canada, Denmark and Hungary. With combined revenues in excess of 100 million dollars, and over 800 employees, the new group becomes a major global player in the preclinical outsourcing arena. The company has launched the new name and logo in order to symbolize the combination of expertise, values, traditions and histories of the four laboratories. CIT in bold blue refers to the 40 years that CIT has provided CRO services to the pharmaceutical and related industries. The bold red of LAB represents the dynamic Montreal based company with numerous specialty activities.

“We are confident that this merger will make CiToxLAB an even more attractive partner for our traditional pharmaceutical and biotech clients,” stated Jean-Francois Le Bigot, president of the group. “We can offer all the benefits of local, smart-sized facilities, backed up by global resources. Our individual facilities can offer flexibility, direct contact to scientists and easy access to management. In addition, the resources of the group allow us to offer a wider range of services, aggressive scheduling and a broader geographic spread in the clients that we can reach and interact with.”

“We have already noticed greater interest from big pharma partners”, said Le Bigot. “Our size and capacities now allow us to offer turnkey solutions. From a single point of entry into the group, we can offer big pharma global packages in preclinical testing, seamlessly coordinated by our project managers. The group resources allow us to compete strongly on pricing and timing and we will be seeking to further develop our business with big pharma clients in the coming months.”

“We are looking forward to making the best use of our new capabilities and resources to bring quality outsourcing solutions to a growing range of clients.”

The CiToxLAB group is composed of:

–       CiToxLAB France, with 320 staff, 20 000 sq.m facilities and 40 years experience, offering general toxicology studies, reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity studies, transgenic models, DMPK, bioanalysis, safety pharmacology, TCR (Tissue Cross Reactivity), toxicogenomics and the LEADSCREEN (TM) program. The facility has special expertise in NHP toxicology, bone metabolism, nasal administration and immunotoxicology.

–       CiToxLAB North America, with 200 staff, 16 000 sq.m facilities and 13 years experience, offers general toxicology studies (including in NHP), reproductive toxicology, DMPK, bioanalysis, immunology services and safety pharmacology. The facility has special expertise in radiation safety, efficacy studies, infusion and inhalation administration.

–       CiToxLAB Scantox (Denmark), with 155 staff, 9 000 sq.m facilities and 34 years experience, offering general toxicology studies, reproductive toxicology (including in minipigs), carcinogenicity testing, bioanalysis and genetic toxicology. The Scantox laboratory is internationally recognized as the leading laboratory in minipig toxicology.

–       CiToxLAB Hungary, with 130 staff, 15 000 sq.m facilities and 40 years of experience, offering general toxicology and inhalation toxicology studies, ecotoxicology and environmental fate studies and a broad range of studies for the registration of chemicals under REACH legislation.

–       Through associate companies and partners such as Atlanbio (St-Nazaire, France), Stemina (Madison, USA) and Biomodels (Boston, USA), CiToxLAB can offer access to further services such as clinical bioanalysis, embryonic stem cell biomarker discovery and customized preclinical efficacy models.