FedEx upgrades temperature controlled shipping services for pharma

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FedEx Express has announced enhanced temperature-controlled shipping services in which packing for an international shipment is completed at the customer’s place of business.

FedEx will offer two different packaging options with the service. The va-Q-one is for temperature zones of minus 25℃ to minus 15℃, 2℃ to 8℃, and 15℃ to 25℃, a much sought-after service by healthcare customers. The box maintains its temperature for 96 hours by using coolants and has five different sizes with a capacity ranging from 4 to 74 litres.

The second option, Bio Cool, is capable of keeping the temperature at minus 79℃ for 48 to 96 hours using dry ice. Customers will have options of four different sizes with a capacity ranging from 10 to 80 litres.

“Customers’ needs for temperature-controlled shipping in the healthcare industry is diversifying, and the required temperature range varies with the items they ship,” said Masamichi Ujiie, regional vice president, North Pacific, FedEx Express.

Using the service, customers receive packaging which has been pre-cooled at the shipment’s required temperature so that items can be packed at the correct ambient level. FedEx picks up the packages for international transport after the customer has completed packing and placed a request for pick-up.

Previously, FedEx used domestic temperature-controlled shipping services to deliver shipments to its cold chain facility where FedEx repacked the shipment for international transportation. With the new operation, the extra step of repackaging is eliminated. The service will help customers save time and the cost of sending shipments to FedEx via a domestic shipping service.

“With the service, FedEx has added a reliable option for shipments of specimens, clinical trial drugs, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Customers continue to receive monitoring services that combine the use of temperature loggers with a monitoring service by expert staff and high-quality transportation” added Ujiie.

The packaging for cold shipping uses vaccum-insulated materials, which weigh less than conventional materials and offer advantages in terms of shipping costs. Shipments can be placed in the inner box of the packaging. FedEx will assist in preparations for shipping by sending the packaging with a printed instruction sheet, pre-printed air waybills, and invoices.

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