Eppendorf and Florida State University Collaboration Demonstrates Large-Scale Stem Cell Expansion

A collaboration between Eppendorf and Florida State University has successfully shown the feasibility of large-scale expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) using the company’s proprietary Fibra-Cel packed-bed technology.

Eppendorf Technical Applications director Dr Ma Sha provided equipment and funding for reagents to Dr Teng Ma to support the Florida State team’s work in the field of stem cell expansion.

The team successfully conducted MSC expansion inside a packed-bed 3D matrix using a CelliGen 310 bioreactor at 2L scale.

Results demonstrate the feasibility of large-scale stem cell expansion using Fibra-Cel packed-bed technology, which provides uniform mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the adhered cells.

Findings will be submitted for publication at a peer reviewed scientific journal.

College of Engineering professor Dr Yaw D Yeboah thanked Eppendorf and noted the company’s commitment to the university allows it to continue to deliver world-class education and transformative experiences.