Global Vision Announces Partnership with Israeli Reseller Dor Pharmaceutical Services

Global Vision is proud to announce that its proofreading technologies are available to support growing demand from pharmaceutical companies in Israel.

Global Vision is expanding its operations in Israel through a reseller agreement with Dor Pharmaceutical Services, a leading provider of solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Israeli marketplace has high levels of adoption of proofreading technologies with a growth rate estimated to be more than 3% annually.

Pharmaceutical companies throughout Israel have access to Global Vision’s complete suite of products that include text-based, pixel-based, barcode and Braille inspection solutions.

Global Vision president Reuben Malz said: “By partnering with Dor Pharmaceutical Services, we can better address the requirements of pharmaceutical and medical device customers in Israel and tailor solutions that meet their specific needs.”

Dor Pharmaceutical Services chief operating officer Rami Mittleman said: “At Dor Pharmaceutical Services, we pride ourselves in providing leading-edge high quality professional services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and labelling localisation.”