Ensure FDA and EMA Compliance with Continuous Monitoring Records, 24/7 Alarming and Automated Reporting

ow to ensure your regulated environments and equipment are always in full compliance with FDA and EMA regulations? An automated monitoring and alarming system providing high accuracy fail-safe data is the answer.

Investment in industry-leading instrumentation and systems in FDA and EMA-regulated storage, processing and critical manufacturing is the best way to ensure high-quality products in critical environments.

Now life science industries in Europe also have the chance to enjoy the benefits of the combined offerings of two industry leaders: Vaisala and Veriteq Instruments, a leading provider of continuous monitoring systems for the life science industry. The new enhanced offering brings clear benefits to customers wanting to succeed in strictly regulated markets.

Easily scalable systems varying from one to 1,000+ monitoring points and data loggers with long-life batteries (ten years), storing data also during power failure, are just some of the unique benefits offered by the Vaisala Veriteq systems. No more manual work, no more gaps in the data, and no more expensive and time-consuming installation projects.