Cryopraxis, Sponsor of Stem Cell Research is Represented at Bio2012 in Boston

Cryopraxis established in 2001 as the pioneer private umbilical cord blood bank in Brazil will be present at Bio 2012 in Boston. Eduardo Cruz, chairman of the board, will be a speaker at the Brazilian break-out session speaking about The Brazilian Biotechnology Sector and showing the results of the company’s commitment to R&D. Cryopraxis has already collected and processed more than 25000 cord blood units (CBU) and is actively involved in several R&D projects in Brazil and abroad.

A spin-off of Cryopraxis, Cellpraxis, has recently finished one of the world’s first cell therapy project clinical trials in Brazil: ReACT. ReACT is a stem cell formulation. This regenerative medicine pioneer product aims on treating an orphan disease condition called refractory angina. Refractory angina patients suffer from untreatable severe chest pain and the results of the clinical trial in a 5 years follow up proved ReACT to positively interfere in the course of the pathology. Most of the individuals treated experienced relief in pain and better quality of life. ReACT will be presented at Bio2012 as an example of Brazil’s dynamic biotechnology research. Cryopraxis is accredited by the American Association of Blood Bank since 2009.

According to Tatiana Lima, Technical Director at Cryopraxis, “extensive training and strict adherence to good laboratory practices are basic principles in Cryopraxis’ corporate strategy.” Janaina Machado, cell lab director describes the company’s primary mission: “maximizing safety and efficiency of collection procedures to make sure our clients get what they look for: the highest quality standards.”

Cryopraxis is part of Axis Biotec ( and it has the largest biological cryogenic storage facility in Brazil and one of the largest in the World. It is the largest umbilical cord blood bank in Brazil. The company is involved in several research projects in Brazil and abroad. For more information, visit and