CleveXel Pharma partners with Guilin Pharmaceutical to develop two new anti-malarial products

CleveXel Pharma today announces that the company has entered into a new partnering agreement with Guilin Pharmaceutical, a Chinese company located in Shanghai, regarding the development of two new products.

Guilin Pharmaceutical, a member of Fosun Pharma, is the first Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer approved by the World Health Organization. It is also China’s largest artemisinin based anti-malarial drug producer. Artemisinin is an active substance derived from the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia.

This new work complements two other projects between the partners, which started in 2013. The purpose of the latest venture is to increase anti-malarial manufacturing across three active units. It includes an adult and pediatric formulation. This field is competitive and highly time-sensitive. 

The risks and costs of development will be split between each company, along with the expected commercial success and associated royalties. As compensation for the development work undertaken by CleveXel Pharma, Guilin Pharmaceutical will pay development milestones to CleveXel Pharma and a royalty based on Guilin Pharmaceutical’s net sales.

Guilin Pharmaceutical only selects the most efficient partners in order to optimize its worldwide reach and market access. CleveXel Pharma is a highly experienced pharmaceutical developer that conforms fully with cGMP’s and global regulatory compliance. “We are very happy to collaborate with CleveXel Pharma and to gain access to its development expertise,” said Zhemin Yu, chairman of Guilin Pharmaceutical. 

This relationship perfectly reflects the aims of the CleveXel Pharma business model; the company has developed a deep understanding of Chinese partners and enjoys a long track record of success in the region. This new project reinforces their lead as a ‘go-to’ partner for Chinese operators.

Technological project portfolios represent one fifth of CleveXel Pharma’s current activity. “Clevexel Pharma will use its innovative formulation development, including process optimization and industrial transfer, on these new projects. We are delighted to further collaborate with Guilin Pharmaceutical, which leads the way in anti-malarials for the Chinese and African markets,” said Christian Bloy, CEO of CleveXel Pharma. 

About CleveXel Pharma

CleveXel Pharma is a key pharmaceutical player in France. It has a 20 year history in pharma development. By operating as an investor it is introducing a new business model to the industry. CleveXel Pharma has an exceptional track record in the development of innovative therapies. The company has highly-trained and qualified teams, particularly in the field of the central nervous system, neurodegenerative diseases and oncology. 

CleveXel Pharma aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of academia and biotech and big pharma. Unlike CROs, this model is based on partnership and collaboration. CleveXel Pharma provides technical and financial value to projects by managing preclinical and clinical development for its partners. CleveXel Pharma can audit the potential of a given project and then catalyze the ongoing development to increase both the project value and its appeal to the pharmaceutical industry. Between the ‘proof of concept’ on animals and the ‘proof of concept’ on humans, CleveXel Pharma significantly reduces early capital needs by securing and consolidating the major milestones of the project. 

CleveXel Pharma can enhance and ensure the attractiveness of the projects to attract other partners, facilitate fundraising and maximize their marketing potential.

Innovation and operational excellence qualifies the ethical service provided by the highly regulated technology of CleveXel Pharma. To date, CleveXel Pharma is engaged in five projects and continues to actively expand its portfolio in the areas of oncology, CNS and immuno-inflammation.

About Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Established in the 1950’s, Guilin Pharma is a professional pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products. The company produces more than 200 chemical medicines in different dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and injections. As the first Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer approved by the World Health Organization, Guilin Pharma is also China’s largest artemisinin based anti-malarial drug producer. It has the world’s most integrated artemisinin industry value chain.
Guilin Pharma products have been registered and marketed in more than 30 countries. As a World Health Organization approved anti-malarial producer, Guilin Pharma has supplied over 200 million oral treatments of its artemisinin based anti-malaria drugs to the world malaria campaign. Guilin Pharma also works with international NGOs, academic institutions and the local malaria control programs on training projects to improve the medical skills of local medical staff, to help reduce mortality in African children.

Guilin Pharma believes in a management philosophy of ‘quality comes first’. It continuously improves its production processes with international Good Manufacturing Practices standards to supply high quality pharmaceuticals. 

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