CiToxLAB appoints Paul C. Barrow as director of scientific projects and client consulting

CiToxLAB, a leading CRO in the field of non-clinical research, announces today that Paul C. Barrow has joined the company after serving ten years as a director of toxicology at Ricerca Biosciences. Barrow has more than 30 years’ experience in preclinical safety testing, gained through working for the pharmaceutical industry and CROs in France, the UK and Italy. As the director of toxicology for Ricerca, he has collaborated with more than 100 clients from the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries to devise and execute non-clinical regulatory submission packages and to address pre- and post-marketing safety issues.

Paul is a member of the Society of Toxicology, the Teratology Society, the European Teratology Society, Eurotox and is a European Registered Toxicologist. He sits on the editorial board of the journal Reproductive Toxicology. Over the years, Paul has published dozens of peer-reviewed papers in the field of toxicology, two textbooks and several book chapters, most recently specializing in reprotoxicology and juvenile toxicology. He has participated in test guideline working groups for the OECD and in a joint scientific consultative group for the FDA/SOT. Paul frequently presents his work at international scientific meetings and he occasionally lectures in toxicology at schools of medicine, pharmacy and veterinary science in Guildford, Lyon, Paris, and Toulouse.

With Paul joining the company, CiToxLAB expects to further increase its attractiveness in reprotoxicology and juvenile studies. Paul C. Barrow and François Spezia, recently recruited from Chanel, Pfizer and HMR, will be working jointly to further develop those capabilities, in conjunction with Scantox, the Danish site of the newly formed group, which has internationally recognized competencies in mini-pig studies.

At CiToxLAB, Paul C. Barrow will add high-level value to clients’ projects, by providing consultancy in building studies closely tailored to clients’ needs.

The rapidly evolving needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries made CiToxLAB decide to strengthen its ability to provide clients with rapid and high value advice. This new addition is totally in line with CiToxLAB’s policy of staying close to the customer and providing excellence in service.

Sophie Baratte, managing director of CiToxLAB France, said: “I am delighted that we are adding a colleague of this standard to our organization. Paul will bring further expertise and credibility to the CIT brand that has been established over the last 40 years.”

About CiToxLAB

The CiToxLAB Group, created through the merger of CiT and LAB Research, offers a comprehensive range of pre-clinical and specialty safety evaluation services from four facilities in France, Canada, Denmark and Hungary.

CiToxLAB now offers flexibility, direct contact to scientists, easy access to management and local, smart-sized facilities. Aggressive scheduling, increased size and capacity, turnkey solutions of global packages supported by project managers and broader geographic proximity are core values of CiToxLAB.

The CiToxLAB group is composed of:

–       CiToxLAB France, with 320 staff, 20 000 sq.m facilities and 40 years’ experience, offering general toxicology studies, reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity studies, transgenic models, DMPK, bioanalysis, safety pharmacology, TCR (Tissue Cross Reactivity), toxicogenomics and the LEADSCREEN TM) program. The facility has special expertise in NHP toxicology, bone metabolism, nasal administration and immunotoxicology.

–       CiToxLAB North America, with 200 staff, 16 000 sq.m facilities and 13 years’ experience, offers general toxicology studies (including in NHP), reproductive toxicology, DMPK, bioanalysis, immunology services and safety pharmacology. The facility has special expertise in radiation safety, efficacy studies, infusion and inhalation administration.

–       CiToxLAB Scantox (Denmark), with 155 staff, 9 000 sq.m facilities and 34 years’ experience, offering general toxicology studies, reproductive toxicology (including in minipigs), carcinogenicity testing, bioanalysis and genetic toxicology. The Scantox laboratory is internationally recognized as the leading laboratory in minipig toxicology.

–       CiToxLAB Hungary, with 130 staff, 15 000 sq.m facilities and 40 years’ of experience, offering general toxicology and inhalation toxicology studies, ecotoxicology and environmental fate studies and a broad range of studies for the registration of chemicals under REACH legislation.

Through associate companies and partners such as Atlanbio (St-Nazaire, France), Stemina (Madison, USA) and Biomodels (Boston, USA), CiToxLAB can offer access to further services such as clinical bioanalysis, embryonic stem cell biomarker discovery and customized preclinical efficacy models.