Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. to Take Part in “Relay for Life Japan” Using “3D Adventure Experience (Lung Cancer)” to promote awareness of the early detection and treatment

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd announced that its co-sponsorship of “Relay for Life Japan” (Organizer: Japan Cancer Society etc.), a charity activity aiming to support cancer patients and their families, and encourage the entire community to confront and conquer cancer throughout the year.

World pharma today/-press releases/-Starting with Wakayama, Chugai will also display a virtual reality “3D Adventure Experience (Lung Cancer)” aiming to raise public awareness of lung cancer as below. Having visitors participate in “3D Adventure Experience (Lung Cancer)”, Chugai appeals the importance of early detection and treatment for lung cancer.

  • May 14-15: “Relay for Life Japan 2016 in Wakayama (venue: Sunano-maru Square, Wakayama Park)
  • May 21-22: “Relay for Life Japan 2016 in Ibaraki” (venue: Kenkyu-Gakuen Station Park)

Visitors are able to try “3D Adventure Experience (Lung Cancer)” at the above-mentioned venues. Other venues where visitors can try “3D Adventure Experience (Lung Cancer)”, will be sequentially announced at Chugai’s website, “Information from Chugai.

Since 2007, Chugai has joined the Relay for Life Japan for 10 years, and has been engaged in the activities to enhance public awareness of cancer. For three years beginning in 2010, a huge balloon art in the shape of a colon, named “Giant Colon,” was installed at the venues. Walking inside the tunnel-like balloon art, visitors looked at models and information panels of the internal organs, and became familiar with, and increased their understanding for colon cancer. In 2013 and 2014, visitors had the chance to learn lung cancer through quiz on lung cancer, using the iPad.

Last year, Chugai presented “3D Adventure Experience” where visitors could learn the importance of breast cancer screening. This year, Chugai will continuously offer an event focusing lung cancer to raise awareness of the importance of early detection. We will also hand out brochures for patients (Japanese only) so that visitors can take them home and learn cancer more in depth.

Chugai will organize “Team Chugai” and join each venues of “Relay for Life Japan” to enhance the communication with people who participate in the event across the country. As a leading company in the oncology area, Chugai will work to implement cancer treatment that encourages patients to confront their diseases proactively with hope, offering innovative and useful drugs and information on an ongoing basis, and continue to carry out these activities to contribute to healthcare and the society.

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