Bormioli Pharma invests in Type I glass vial production for injectable medicines and vaccines

The company invested more than 50 million euros in the last months for improving its production platform, including a brand-new glass furnace in Bergantino, the upgrade of the San Vito al Tagliamento glass production, as well as the acquisition of GCL Pharma, an Italian company specialized in rubber and aluminum closures for pharma packaging.

These investments will allow Bormioli Pharma to better support pharmaceutical industry demand, especially during such unprecedented, challenging times.

The global, Covid-19 pandemic emergency has not weakened Bormioli Pharma’s determination to keep on investing and supporting its customers. After the acquisition of the German company Remy & Geiser in October 2019, the company is now announcing the completion of the refurbishment of its  glass furnace in San Vito al Tagliamento, where cutting-edge technological solutions and Industry 4.0 concepts have been implemented in order to increase production efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint and improve quality control standards and product finishing.

This molded glass furnace refurbishment completes the revamping project of the entire plant initiated in 2019. The new equipment allows an increase in the glass melting power, thus improving the quality of the final product. Thanks to a proprietary this furnace ensures an excellent glass distribution, as well as the production of both transparent and amber type I glass bottles, responding in a more effective way to the increased demand for glass vials used for complex drug formulations such as vaccines and several life-saving medicines. The flexibility on the control of the energy consumption and the real-time monitoring emissions will also reduce the environmental impact of the plant anticipating the new EU sustainability protection policies.

These investments take place few weeks after the acquisition of GCL Pharma – a company based in Central Italy specialized in the production of plastic, rubber stoppers and aluminum closures for pharmaceutical applications. As a result of this investments, Bormioli Pharma is strengthening its ability to support the pharmaceutical industry by offering premium one-stop-shop solutions for parenteral applications.

“Thanks to these new investments, we have consistently increased our industrial capacity on glass pharma packaging production, whilst strengthening our capability to provide a complete packaging solution for injectable drugs” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO at Bormioli Pharma. We are proud to be able to support more and better our partners in the pharma industry, helping to bring essential drugs and therapies where they’re needed the most, especially during these challenging times.”

Bormioli Pharma, one of the world leaders in the production of pharmaceutical packaging in glass and plastic, is based in Parma, Italy has been acquired by international investment firm Triton in November 2017, and since then supporting the company’s growth strategy sharing the commitment for business excellence, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

About Bormioli Pharma 

Bormioli Pharma operates in close partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and with all the businesses that are engineering the future of healthcare. As a world-renowned player in the packaging industry, Bormioli Pharma serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures, and packaging accessories using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. 

Each product is a unique combination of rigorous studies, cutting-edge technology, extreme testing, advanced industrial processes, and the finest materials. 

As a partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Bormioli Pharma invests and innovates with one goal in mind: improving people’s lives. Bormioli Pharma employees over 1,200 people, produces 6.5 billion pieces every year and had an annual turnover of approximately €250 million in 2019.