Bormioli Pharma introduces at Pharmapack Europe 2024 a brand-new consultancy approach showcasing its wide, sustainable and innovative packaging offer

Bormioli Pharma will attend Pharmapack Europe 2024 in Paris (Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles – booth B78-B79). The exhibition will be the occasion to showcase the Company’s wide and sustainable packaging portfolio together with a strong scientific counsel approach, confirming its positioning as a solid, and reliable partner for the pharma industry.

Bormioli Pharma reveals the latest advancements on sustainable packaging, with two primary breakthroughs in the spotlight. The first focus will be on rPET bottles, showcasing advanced recycling excellence; in fact, these bottles are produced through a depolymerization process, which allows to achieve a “virgin quality” polymer as well as a broader input material sourcing.

The second highlight will be the introduction of the new Bio PET 2.0 bottles, produced from a bio-based plastic derived from wood residues collected in responsibly managed certified forests. This material is then processed to create monoethylene glycol, used for the generation of the bioplastic polymer.

These solutions – together with 3 new responsible products that will be revealed during the trade fair – will further expand the Company’s EcoPositive range, which currently constitutes 50% of its standard catalogue and is actually the wider sustainable pharma packaging offerings on the international market.

Pharmapack Europe 2024 will also be the occasion to introduce Bormioli Pharma’s brand-new consultancy approach. Essential pillar of this evolution is Invents, the company’s innovation platform, positioning Bormioli Pharma as an innovation mobilizer, able to partner with the pharmaceutical industry to transform emerging healthcare needs into effective industrial solutions. The company’s experts will be available to visitors to explain the lean, open and scrum approach and to share new insights for possible co-developments, able to enhance the patient journey and experience, with better adaptation of different users and drug delivery routes.

“Through the consultancy approach presented at Pharmapack 2024, we want to reshape the traditional supplier-customer relationship in a more horizontal way, through co-development as a pivotal approach to accelerate pharma companies’ time-to-market” stated Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “We are ready to give our contribution to materialize the vision of the future of care as well as enabling the sustainable transition of our customers.”

Moreover, Bormioli Pharma will host a Learning Lab titled “How primary packaging can accelerate today’s drug development and approval process”. The Learning session will take place on January 25th from 10:50AM and will be focused on Bormioli Pharma’s well-grounded and extensive patient-centric innovation program intended to advise the pharma industry along the entire drug development process, from early-stage compatibility assessment up to the production of parts needed for drug filing, clinical trials and commercialization.