Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council Urges Obama Administration to Stay the Course on the RFS

The Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council today urged President Barack Obama “to stay the course on the RFS, which is the cornerstone of our efforts to reduce foreign oil dependence and create jobs and economic growth across America.”

In a letter to the President delivered today, the group wrote:

“We understand that the Administration will be reviewing a range of options for providing relief to those impacted by the drought. With this deliberation in mind, we are writing to caution against granting a waiver for the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). A number of groups and some governors seem to believe that the RFS is a substantial part of the equation when it comes to grain prices, and waiving the program this year or next will ease the impact of the drought on consumers. There is substantial evidence to the contrary.”

The letter also provided evidence to demonstrate that:

Waiving the RFS will have a minimal impact on grain prices;

Weakening the U.S. commitment to renewable fuels will increase gas prices;

Altering or waiving the RFS will chill investment in advanced biofuels;

Waiving the RFS will destabilize a cornerstone of the U.S. economic recovery.

The Biofuels Producers Coordinating Council jointly advocates for national policy for increased energy security through domestic biofuel production and includes Michael McAdams, Advanced Biofuels Association; Brooke Coleman, Advanced Ethanol Council; Mary Rosenthal, Algal Biomass Organization; Brian Jennings, American Coalition for Ethanol; Brent Erickson, Biotechnology Industry Organization; Tom Buis, Growth Energy; Anne Steckel, National Biodiesel Board; and Bob Dinneen, Renewable Fuels Association.