BioAsia 2013 concludes with international partnerships impactful discussions on promoting Biosimilars & Biologics

The 10th edition of BioAsia, BioAsia 2013, Asia’s biggest technology and bio-business platform, which commenced on 28th January 2013 concluded on Wednesday.

The valedictory ceremony was attended by eminent personalities including Dr. D. Purandeswari, Honorable Union Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, Dr. Khalid Chowdhary, President – FABA, Dr. William D. Dar, Director General – ICRISAT, Mr. WookJae Lee, Director General, Global Business Bureau, Gangwon Provincial Government, South Korea, Mr. Sanjay Puri, Chairman – US India Business Alliance and Dr. P V . Appaji, Director General – PHARMEXCIL.

BioAsia releases of special collaborative research reports

Dr. D.  Purandeswari, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, released the special report by BioAsia – Grant Thorton on the key trends and alliances in the Biologics and Biosimilars markets. The Minister also released BioAsia – ISB’s report on Intellectual Property Regime and Lifesciences

BioAsia – Grant Thorton Report covers the recent developments in the Biosimilars opportunities particularly partnerships and regulatory dynamics in key global markets

BioAsia-ISB report captures the impact of the changes in Indian Patent Law on strategies and competitiveness of local players

Awards Presented

The Following awards were also presented at the closing ceremony:

FABA Special Award: Dr. Vijay Datla, Chairman and Managing Director – Biological E Limited, was presented special FABA Award.

BioAsia Innovation Award 2013 : First Prize : (Rs.1 lakh cash prize, memento and citation) awarded to Mr. Paritosh Parashar of IIT Kanpur for a BMP Responsive Osteoblast Reporter Cell Line

Runner-Up prize to Mr. Rupam Kumar Bhunia of IIP Kharagpur for an approach to genetically engineer the mechanism that determines the nutritional quality of sesame Oil and Mr. Anshuman Shukla Punjab University for oral delivery of diphtheria toxoid using nano-bilosomes that induces significant systemic and mucosal immune response.

BioAsia Young Minds Award 2013 : (Rs.50,000 Cash prize, memento and citation) Ms. Meghna D  Kumar, St. Patricks Junior College, Hyderabad  for self retracting clothesline.

Spain was the Country Partner and Victoria (Australia) was the International State Partner for the 10th edition of BioAsia – BioAsia 2013.  This leading industry event has also received tremendous response from the industry with GVK Biosciences being the principal industry sponsor and Natco, Lonza, Mayar Biotech joining as the Industry Co-Host. Department of Biotechnology(DBT); Department of Pharmaceuticals(DOP); Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR); Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) from the Government of India also provided its support to BioAsia 2013.

BioAsia 2013 also saw regulators from 11 countries interacting and sharing knowledge with the industry and gaining an understanding of Indian Life-sciences and Biotechnology through their field visit. In the regulators session held today at the BioAsia summit regulators from USA, UK, Czech Republic, Jordan, South Africa, Malaysia, Tanzania, Lithuania, Myanmar and Sri Lanka participated and shared advice with the delegates.

Another Key development was the inking of MoU with the Government of Korea for Information, knowledge sharing, facilitation of companies and Institutes and desiring partnership and education and training.