Ariana(R) Pharma and CTCLS sign Japanese distribution agreement for data analysis technology

Ariana Pharma, the premium provider of advanced, non-statistical clinical data and biomarker analytics technology across life science industries as well as the FDA, today announces the signing of an exclusive Japanese distribution agreement with CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation (CTCLS), the Japanese supplier of services for R&D solutions. 

CTCLS will distribute Ariana’s KEM(R) data analytics software and services technology to Japanese markets. Ariana selected CTCLS as its Japanese distribution partner because of the company’s dominant presence in Japan. CTCLS is a leading R&D service provider, offering total solutions to major industries and specializing in the pharmaceutical sector.

Ariana’s KEM(R), or Knowledge Extraction and Management, is a novel, association rules-based (non-statistical) data-analytical technology that finds patient responder sub-populations and biomarker signatures that statistical methods are unable to detect. In the life science industry, KEM saves sponsors both time and money by optimizing clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria thereby lowering the number of patients needed to reach clinical endpoints.

“In the first half of 2012, we expanded west from Europe to launch our US office, and now we’re progressing into the Far East with the CTCLS distribution agreement,” said Dr. Mohammad Afshar, president and CEO of Ariana Pharma. “This deal with CTCLS will provide an excellent entry into Asia and the world’s third largest biotechnology market. We expect the ongoing growth of Japanese companies in medicine development, diagnostics and biomarker studies will further increase demand for Ariana’s KEM(R) software.”

“After having invested resources in acquiring equipment and establishing processes to generate data, our clients are now focusing on technologies that extract valuable information and exploit data to the fullest extent,” said Hideki Negishi, president and CEO of CTCLS. “CTCLS is selecting leading technologies in pharmaceutical and manufacturing areas to deliver to the Japanese markets. We are confident that the application of KEM will accelerate developments in these industries.”

About Ariana Pharma

Ariana is a spin-off of the prestigious Pasteur Institute offering a unique and powerful association rules-based analytical approach to clinical datasets and biomarker discovery that is complementary to statistical analysis. It is the only FDA-tested technology that can simultaneously analyze and optimize multi parameter data, identify patient responders and clinical bias and thereby reduce clinical drug development risk. Ariana is made up of an experienced interdisciplinary team of PhD biologists, bio-statisticians, chemists and clinical experts.

Ariana(R) was founded in 2003 and provides data analysis services to a large number of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology companies. Ariana is headquartered In Paris, France and also has offices in Cambridge, MA USA.

About CTC Laboratory Systems Corporation 

As a unique member of Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC), CTCLS has evolved into one of Japan’s leading solution providers that specializes in the integration of R&D support systems for life sciences companies. With incomparable end-to-end solution capability, CTCLS serves pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturers, as well as universities and public offices. It offers a wide range of products and services that cover every stage of R&D activities to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.