Walmart pharmacies offer Ecoslide-RX prescription pharmaceutical package

Walmart pharmacies has announced the availability of Ecoslide-RX, an eco-friendly prescription pharmaceutical package which is said to be designed to improve patients’ adherence to medications.

The package, which is manufactured by Keystone Folding Box Company, is used for prescription products, physician’s samples and clinical trial materials.

According to Walmart, Ecoslide-RX offers large, easy-to-read type on all sides and clear, simple opening instructions.

According to several recent studies, compliance packages offering day-of-the-week calendarization for each individual dose has increased patients’ likelihood to adhere to medication regimens.

Walmart pharmacy merchandising vice president Sandy Kinsey said, “At Walmart, we are dedicated to quality patient care and have proven that adherence packaging assists in these endeavors.”

Walmart said Ecoslide-RX is being used in its $4 prescription drug program.