ULURU unveils Altrazeal 0.75gm blister pack in US

Specialty pharmaceutical company ULURU has introduced Altrazeal in a 0.75gm blister pack targeting US chronic wound market.

New packaging system provides information regarding appropriate quantity for the treatment of chronic wounds and contains an applicator for easy usage.

The transparent blister pack allows the physician to see the product during application and reduces wastage in addition to displaying unit cost for the treatment of small chronic wounds.

ULURU president and CEO Kerry Gray said the volume of product and the associated treatment cost is more appropriate for smaller chronic wounds in the new blister pack.

“Currently, the cost of the dressing used in a wound care center is covered under a procedural code, consequently, these facilities are very cost conscious when choosing the wound dressing to be used,” Gray added.

“The blister pack concept is a significant advancement in the delivery of Altrazeal to the wound and provides a product enhancement requested by wound care professionals.”

Altrazeal, an advanced scientifically engineered material, established potential clinical and economic advantages in various chronic and acute wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and geriatric wounds.

Company continues offering Altrazeal in 2gm and 5gm foil pouches.