Schreiner unveils color laser film label for dental carpules

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions, has introduced color laser film (CLF) label for dental carpules.

The label is designed for emissions-free variable marking of extremely narrow carpule surfaces, usually about five millimeters. The CLF features a thin composition and flexible structure right for application to the tiny syringe carpules.

Schreiner MediPharm US president Gene Dul said dental carpules present a particularly challenging surface to mark in a field that demands precision and accuracy.

“Our new Color Laser Film labels can help dentists be more efficient while contributing to patient safety,” Dul added.

A laser is used to mark the film, whose beam penetrates a transparent laminate layer and exposes the color reference layer without producing harmful emissions.

The laminate additionally enhances the high level of resistance and permanent legibility of the label by protecting it from damage by chemical substances or mechanical abrasion, according to the company.

The Color Laser Film label provides dentists with reliable information regarding the composition of the material by securely sticking to dental carpules, thereby simplifying pre-filling preparation.