VFL Sciences announces launch of Penguin Classic Laboratory Freeze Dryer /Lyophilizer

VFL Sciences Private Limited announces the launch of Penguin Classic, Laboratory Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer. VFL Sciences Freeze dryer has been designed with focus on our customers to deliver a state-of-the-art instrument that fits comfortably on a lab bench. Advanced 7” touch screen display allows user to program all the parameters easily! The instrument comes with features such as Auto defrost, Auto restart after power restoration, flexibility to use flask, vials, petri dish etc

For the first time in India we offer laboratory freezer dryers that can be customized to your requirements. Reach out with your specific needs and we will be able to custom make the accessories and system. This is possible because the entire systems is produced locally.

Vancheeswaran Sankaranarayanan, Managing Director of VFL Sciences states: “Currently India is importing over 90% of all laboratory instruments. With the Indian manufacturing sector growing and the Government is supporting make in India, it is now the time to produce scientific instruments in India. Freeze dryer is our first product and we have plans to launch several instruments in the coming years. We are sure that the Indian scientific community will find the products interesting and will support companies that are producing products in India”