To Boost Lab Productivity, Tecan Develops 2 Digital Tools

In one of its very recent moves, Tecan has gone ahead and unveiled two cutting-edge digital products, LabNavigator as well as Next-Gen Introspect, at the SLAS2024 International Conference and Exhibition in order to improve the effectiveness of laboratory operations. It is well to be noted that these new tools go on to bring transformative power of digitalization into laboratory operations, thereby empowering researchers along with lab technicians with the most user-friendly, advanced, and integrated technologies.
The fact is that the scale-up of laboratory research is often hindered by a dearth of automation expertise and the complexity that is brought on by disconnected workflows. As throughput rises, digitalization is indeed critical when it comes to overcoming such challenges by way of streamlining lab processes and, at the same time, maximizing overall lab effectiveness and enabling lab technicians to overcome the barriers pertaining to skill.

LabNavigator, a cloud-based and intuitive digital product goes on to guide lab operators through end-to-end workflows by way of a single as well as a straightforward interface. It creates an interconnected lab by way of easily mixing lab equipment such as the Tecan liquid handling platforms and the chosen third-party devices as part of the open digital ecosystem. LabNavigator goes on to create easy-to-follow end-to-end workflows, therefore helping entry-level staff efficiently function the systems through a user-friendly interface that helps quick and easy onboarding. This not just multiplies the effect of experienced personnel, but it also increases the quality as well reproducibility of lab processes. In its entirety, the single pane of glass kind of approach unifies heterogeneous automation systems in order to enable impeccable scalability throughout multiple labs.

As per Tecan’s Executive Vice President of Life Sciences Business Division, Dr. Klaus Lun, the lab of the future is here, and they have been empowering their customers to enhance lab productivity by way of automation for more than 40 years. They are proud to champion the benefits that digitalization comes with. With LabNavigator along with Next-Gen Introspect, they can go on to provide tangible results to their customers, decreasing operator training requirements, elevating run success rates, maximizing total equipment and labor effectiveness, and also offering certain actionable insights that are data-driven.

It is well to be noted that Tecan’s second digital product announcement is the Next-Gen Introspect, which will be launched commercially in Q2 2024. It is worth noting that this state-of-the-art lab insights tool is built on Tecan’s well-established platform, Introspect. The next-gen platform goes on to offer an intuitive user experience, rolling-out advanced data science in order to convert instrument and workflow data into actionable insights that will help maximize the use, quality, and performance of instrument fleets. Next-Gen Introspect goes ahead and unleashes service excellence by way of enabling remote diagnostics as well as service support, thereby leading to greater instrument uptimes and fewer unplanned outages. The present features that are focused on run success rates, real-time monitoring, and consumable consumption have been enhanced precisely, thereby helping lab managers to truly stretch their valuable resources. Apparently, both Next-Gen Introspect and LabNavigator are created on modern and secure back-end architectures, thereby making sure of data and process security.