Regional variations in US cancer imaging data: a warning for imaging overuse

Danil V Makarov speaks to Gemma Westcott, Commissioning Editor: Danil V Makarov is an Assistant Professor and Director of Surgical Research in the Department of Urology at NYU Langone Medical Center.


In addition, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health. His clinical areas of expertise include prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, kidney cancer, urinary tract infections, genitourinary neoplasm, elevated prostate-specific antigen and testicular cancer. In addition, his research interests are in the areas of prostate cancer, health policy and quality of care. An alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (MD, USA), he completed his residency in urology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a research fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine (CT, USA).

Q Can you tell our readers about your career to date?

I am a urologist and a health services researcher, and I take care of patients with prostate cancer and other urological malignancies clinically. I spend half of my time doing that and I spend the other half of my time doing health services research, which is the intersection between health policy, epidemiology and healthcare economics. I am particularly interested in the cost and quality of care for men with prostate cancer and how those are affected by changes in healthcare policy and the diffusion of new practices and innovations.