Phesi Collaborates with Alfasigma on Digital Transformation Project for Clinical Development and Commercialization

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Phesi Inc., a leading provider of AI-based clinical development analytics products and solutions, is showcasing its data-driven clinical development approach at SCOPE Virtual Summit for Clinical Operations Executives 2021, in a case study session with international pharmaceutical company, Alfasigma. Phesi and Alfasigma are currently working together to maximize the value of priority medical assets, explore the use of synthetic data, and apply advanced analytics to protocol design and investigator site selection.

To support protocol design, performance-based investigator selection, and patient enrollment in clinical trials, Phesi provides clients with its integrated analytics platform, featuring ClinSite™, and professional services. Phesi enables biopharmaceutical companies to examine details on their indications, competition, investigator sites, and patients they want to target. This approach minimizes protocol amendments in clinical trials and maximizes patient enrollment, reducing both site and patient burden. Phesi also works with sponsors to determine the feasibility of replacing or supplementing a comparator or placebo arm with a synthetic arm in certain use cases.

“For more than a decade, Phesi has been applying data to solve problems – helping clients to optimize clinical development and become data-driven organizations. As more companies move through their digital transformation journeys, we can help them to better identify and find the right patients, and explore ways they can optimize program design. This includes the use of synthetic trial arms in clinical studies. We are excited to demonstrate our work at SCOPE alongside Alfasigma,” commented Dr Gen Li, President and Founder, Phesi.

“We can quantify data points that make protocol design and enrollment significantly more successful, and thus dramatically reduce costs. Data and analytics play a crucial role in designing and delivering urgent medicines for acute and chronic disease around the world, and we’re looking forward to helping more companies understand the value of this approach,” Dr Li concluded.

Also at SCOPE, Phesi’s Executive Director Business Development, Dan Manak, is participating in two panels discussing ‘Building and implementing a data-drive site selection approach’ and ‘AI and advanced analytics to the rescue: latest applications in clinical trials’. Phesi is also presenting live demos of its investigator site and country intelligence expertise, powered by ClinSite, please get in touch for more information.

About Phesi

Phesi provides comprehensive clinical development analytical products and services for biopharmaceutical companies around the world. The company’s integrated offerings cover the entire clinical development process — from development planning and indication assessment to protocol evaluation and design (including synthetic control arm), site selection, and trial implementation management. Phesi has the industry’s most comprehensive and dynamic clinical trials database and predictive analytics tools, consisting of over 330,000 completed clinical trials, 604,000 completed research projects, > 4.2 million physicians and > 600,000 investigator sites worldwide.