Novagali Pharma and Ardeo sign an exclusive distribution agreement for Nova23041

Novagali Pharma, a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative ophthalmic products, can today announce that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Ardeo Health, LLC for Nova23041 its unique formulation for thetreatment of dry eye symptoms in the United States and Canada with OCuSOFT, Inc. Nova23041 is a preservative-free oil-in-water emulsion resulting from Novasorb® patented technology whose
efficiency and tolerance in treating dry eye symptoms have been proven during a number of clinical trials carried out in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Based on the electrostatic attraction between the positively charged eye drop and the negatively charged ocular surface, Novasorb®’s technological platform enables the product to be spread in an optimal, uniform and comfortable way across the entire ocular surface, improves resilience time and thus reduces the number of instillations necessary with increased efficiency and optimal compliance and tolerance.