New Zealand Health Groups Strive To Enhance Clinical Trials

Based on recommendations from an independent study report titled Enhancing Aotearoa New Zealand Clinical Trials, New Zealand’s top health agencies will examine system-level adjustments to enhance the benefits from clinical trials.

The report was created by a broad team of clinical researchers, advisory groups, and consumer groups and was funded by the Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC). The study outlines important elements of a flourishing health research sector and the priorities of the New Zealand Health Research Approach in an effort to strengthen the environment for clinical trials.

Several recommendations are made in the report for improving access to and participation in clinical trials, with an emphasis on lowering disparities and carrying out studies that are pertinent to Aotearoa New Zealand.

A new model for assisting clinical trials is also put forth, one that includes a national centre to provide direction, oversight, knowledge, and high-level collaboration on trial activity, as well as numerous regional coordinating centres to assist trials locally.

A senior cross-agency working group will be formed by Health New Zealand and the Mori Health Authority in response to the study to investigate how the recommendations may be incorporated into the healthcare system. Each organisation will designate a lead for the project.

According to Dr. Ian Town, the Ministry of Health’s main science advisor, the health sector changes offer a structural foundation for a more intelligent and equitable health system, and this presents a chance to greatly improve clinical research in the public health system.