MorphoSys Launches New Antibody Technology

MorphoSys AG has launched a novel antibody optimization platform called arYla. The company plans to use arYla to accelerate antibody optimization, with the goal of generating superior therapeutic and diagnostic candidates faster and more cost-effectively than is currently possible, according to a MorphoSys statement. The technology was developed from the combined platforms of MorphoSys and recently acquired Sloning BioTechnology.

The new technology enables individualized antibody libraries to be made with great speed and precision. arYla will be used to make diverse, customized sub-libraries based on an existing lead compound, incorporating millions of pre-defined variations at precisely determined sites within the antibody structure. In this way, antibodies optimized for a multitude of properties, including affinity, specificity, humanness, solubility, stability, production yield and others, can rapidly be identified.

Dr. Simon Moroney, chief executive officer of MorphoSys says, We see many therapeutic and diagnostic antibody programs in our industry in which shortcomings in the antibody hinder the development of a successful product.