Biomoda Selects Quintiles To Refine Lung Cancer Tests

Biomoda, Inc. has allied with Quintiles Global Central Laboratories to help refine the automated image recognition system for measuring the photon emission rate and cell morphology of CyPath-stained cells to detect early stage lung cancer. Biomoda’s CyPath labeling solution for the early detection of cancers binds to cancer cells and fluoresces under specific frequencies of medium light. Biomoda is seeking FDA approval of its cytology-based screening technology as a Class III medical device. Pending approval, CyPath is for investigational use only.

Biomoda president John Cousins said, One of the key prerequisites to commercialization is a highly accurate, fully automated system for reading the assay with state-of-the-art digital technology. Quintiles is the perfect partner for us as we develop our own expert system of digital cytopathology for cancer cell identification. Their in-house pathology capabilities and expertise in tissue-based testing are second to none