Moderna Claims Its COVID-19 Jab Apt In Kids As In Adults

Moderna has published the mid-term findings of its COVID-19 vaccination for children under the age of six. Two 25-microgram doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids aged 6 months to 5 years old generated an immune response comparable to two 100-microgram doses for adults aged 18 to 25, indicating that the advantage imparted on young adults is also conferred on young children, according to the company. The vaccination is administered to children in two doses, 28 days apart.

According to a corporate news release issued, the data showed a significant neutralising immune reaction and a positive safety profile. The pharma giant has confirmed that it will pursue the US FDA in few weeks to approve the vaccine’s use in this younger age range based on the evidence.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said that given the need for a vaccination against COVID-19 in newborns and young children, they are collaborating with the US FDA and regulators around the world to submit these findings as quickly as feasible. These current findings appear to be highly favourable for parents with kids under the age of six.

The vaccine was insufficient to prevent COVID-19 infections caused by the Omicron strain, which was common in the US at the time of the study. The effectiveness was 43.7 percent for children aged 6 months to one year.

The performance was 37.5 percent for children aged 2 to 5. The less efficient outcome was nonetheless statistically significant, according to Moderna, and comparable to how vaccinated individuals had fared with the Omicron version.

Moderna said it is planning to assess the possibility of a booster shot for all kids aged 6 months and up, which would target both the original strain and the Omicron type of the virus. The figures are based on a sample of 6,900 kids aged 6 months to 5 years old. The majority of side effects are mild to moderate, and they become more common after the second dose. According to Moderna, no deaths or instances of myocarditis or pericarditis have been documented. It is well to be noted that the infection of the heart muscle is myocarditis, while the infection of the heart membrane is pericarditis. The company also stated that it has started the process of applying to the FDA for urgent use authorisation of its COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6 to 11. Two doses of a bigger 50-microgram form of the vaccine would be given to children of that age. Moderna also stated that it provided further follow-up statistics on its vaccination for youngsters aged 12 to 17 to the FDA. Two doses of a bigger 100-microgram form of the vaccine would be given to children in that bracket.

The FDA delayed a meeting of its vaccine advisors last month to discuss Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine for children under the age of five and asked for further evidence on third doses. The companies have stated that the data will be available in early April.