LEO Pharma announces new global leadership

LEO Pharma, a global healthcare company dedicated to helping people achieve healthy skin, announces a new global leadership structure and team to support its efforts to help more than 70 million people in 2020.

Today, LEO Pharma presents a new executive leadership team as well as new global functions and leaders. The changes, effective from today, aim to better integrate patient and market perspectives into top management decisions as well as shape a more agile, innovative and competitive company.

“We want to help more than 70 million people in 2020, and the changes announced today will support our efforts. LEO Pharma’s markets and innovation are now directly represented in the executive leadership team. By bringing these insights into the executive leadership team, LEO Pharma is better positioned to understand the needs of people with skin diseases,” says Gitte Aabo, LEO Pharma President and CEO.

“We’ve also made changes to our global structure so that we can become even more agile and innovative – and ultimately deliver better care. The changes demonstrate our commitment to helping more people while continuing to run a competitive and sustainable business.”

New executive leadership team

The new executive leadership team is designed to better position LEO Pharma to respond to the needs of individual patients in their local healthcare contexts. By including the company’s three regions and an integrated R&D, LEO Pharma aims to create a more direct link to patients and markets globally as well as strengthen innovation.

From today, LEO Pharma’s executive leadership team comprises the following functions and leaders:

  • President and CEO Gitte Aabo
  • Region INTERNATIONAL, Executive Vice President Joergen Damsbo Andersen
  • Region EUROPE+, Executive Vice President Lars Minor (interim)
  • Region US, Executive Vice President Barbara Osborne
  • Global Research and Development, Executive Vice President Kim Kjoeller
  • Global Finance, IT and Legal, head to be announced soon. Annette Sylvest Nielsen will act as interim until 1 October 2015.

New global functions

LEO Pharma is also changing its global functions with effect from today. The changes involve integrating core functions globally to create a simpler, more agile and seamless organisation with increased collaboration, innovation and empowerment at all levels.

The new global functions and their leaders are:

  • Global People and Communications, Senior Vice President Annette Sylvest Nielsen
  • Global Product Supply, Senior Vice President Jim McPherson
  • Patient Solutions and Strategic Marketing, Senior Vice President Duncan Ferguson
  • Global Strategy and Business Development, Senior Vice President Patrice Baudry.
  • All Executive Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents report to the CEO.

The position of EVP Global Sales and Marketing will cease to exist from today. As communicated last week, former EVP Global Sales and Marketing Lars Olsen will assume the role of Chairman of the LEO Foundation in January 2016.