Glenmark announces the Discovery of a novel chemical entity ‘GRC 17536’, a potential first-in-class molecule globally

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals announced the discovery of a Novel Chemical Entity(NCE) ‘GRC 17536’. The new NCE program is targeting TRPA1 recept or antagonists for pain and respiratory disorders. TRPA1 belongs to Transient Receptor Potential
(TRP) family of ion channels, which have generated a lot of interest as pain targets due to their
distinguishing role in peripheral and/or central pain signal transmission.

Glenmark has selected a lead molecule named GRC 17536 which is currently finishing up Phase 1
enabling GLP studies. Preclinical studies have been completed and Glenmark plans to file the
Phase 1 application in January 2011. This is another potential first-in-class molecule globally for

Commenting on this discovery, Glenn Saldanha, CEO & MD, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals ltd
mentioned “We are glad to announce our third novel molecule discovery in the TRP space. Both
our earlier TRP molecules i.e. TRPV1 and TRPV3 resulted in outlicensing deals for the company.
GRC 17536 which is a TRPA1 receptor antagonist is another potential first-in-class globally and
we are encouraged by the results shown by the molecule in animal studies. GRC 17536 is highly
selective even when compared with other TRPs and can be administered orally”