FDF China to be held in June to boost Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to “go global” and promote the innovation and development of industry

FDF China, collocated with CPhI China, will be held from June 22-24, 2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). More and more formulation enterprises need to implement strategic layout to step up cooperation in innovation and facilitate the integration of science and technology with economic growth and increase the sharing of innovation results.

New pharmaceutical industry structure, new high ground through innovation

The newly revised drug regulations in China have come into force since Dec. 1st, 2019. With the benefits from the national policies accompanying with the law, pharmaceutical enterprises will greatly improve their enthusiasm at R&D and innovation and achieve leapfrog development from generic drugs to new drugs.

Besides, the implementation of the innovative review mechanism and Marketing Authorization Holder system heralds that the regulation will be stricter, the market more regulated and the competition fiercer in the future. Innovation-driven and high-quality development is an essential for pharmaceutical enterprises, and R&D and innovation as the core momentum can help Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises seize the opportunities of the global pharmaceutical technology changes and continue to something new, increase industry competitiveness and accelerate the high-quality development of Chinese pharmaceuticals.

Emerging markets boosting the internationalization of formulations

Internationalized development is an important means to promote the structural adjustments of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and the transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical enterprises. “Belt and Road Initiative” has indicated the direction and provided great opportunities for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to reach cooperation with emerging markets. According to related data, by the end of Aug. 2019, there have been 136 countries and 30 international organizations that have signed 195 cooperation documents with China to build the Belt and Road together; the total amount of pharmaceuticals exported by China to countries along the Belt and Road reached USD14.863 billion in Jan.-Aug. 2019, growing by 20.71% YOY and accounting for 30% that of the total amount in the world.

Highly consistent with China’s national strategy, innovating and leading with an international vision

FDF China always makes it its mission to boost Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to “go global” and promote the innovation and development of industry. FDF China 2020 will be grandly held at SNIEC from June 22-24 together with CPhI China 2020. By then, over 100 excellent formulation enterprises, including Hengrui, Huahai and Hisun, etc. will participate, to negotiate for cooperation with Chinese and overseas buyers from over 140 countries and regions. FDF China aims to become an important link between Chinese and overseas practitioners to get them deeply involved. It’s also a valuable but rare chance for overseas pharmaceutical enterprises as it widely opens the gate of the Chinese market for them to showcase their brands and products.

Various activities such as CPhI International Agencies Updates and Q&A Session, CPhI Formulation Companies Salon, and selection of Leading Formulation Suppliers (Top 20) will be held concurrently with the exhibition. Experts will be invited to interpret the latest policies and regulations and predict the industry development trends; industry benchmark enterprises will share information and experience to provide thoughts for reference of the participating enterprises’ making of international market development strategies.

2020 will be the 20th year of CPhI China. The organizer, together with media and industry partners, will make the anniversary celebration activities gorgeous. Welcome to join us in the grand industry gala in June in Shanghai.
Visit www.cphi-china.cn/fdf/en for more information.