Eywa Pharma looks to roll out its own label in the US Market

World Pharma Today / News / India – Eywa Pharma, founded by two former Mylan employees and backed by Eight Roads ventures has plans to expand in the US and EU markets with a portfolio of specific competition products. It also plans to have a front-end marketing presence in the US.

US is the world’s largest Pharma market and Eywa Pharma is planning to have 16 products by the end of this year in the US. In Europe and the US alone the company has floated 36 products for approval. Out of these 36, almost 20 have been approved thus far. Eywa launched its first product in the US last September and within a year has launched 12 more products. By this year-end, it is planning to launch another 4 products in the US and 3 in the UK. According to S Srinivasan, co-founder of Eywa Pharma, the company wants to build a good presence in the US as well as the European market. In a couple of years, they are looking forward to expanding into other markets as well with the existing portfolio. He further goes on to add that young companies like Eywa are better positioned to address the market as they are fast to respond. We tend to agree with him considering Eywa’s rapid growth in the last couple of years.

The company has picked its operative portfolio which has limited competition. The overall median competition for them is around three or four companies. They also intend to be a front-end generic company which sells products with its own label unlike most of the Indian companies who look at the back-end with R & D and manufacturing and then go front-end or just remain a back-end player. Eywa manufactures most of its products in the US while some are also manufactured in India. The product portfolio is predominantly into pain management, cardiovascular and central nervous system-CNS.