Columbia Asia performs its first stem cell transplant

Columbia Asia Hospital – Yeshwanthpur in Bangalore performed its first stem cell transplant recently. The Times of India featured the procedure this week and described how a 44-year-old Swiss man was unable to walk without help until he came to Columbia Asia.
Clinical haematologist Dr Sathish Kumar and medical oncologist Dr Neelesh Reddy of Columbia Asia gave Daniel four cycles of chemotherapy, including a high-dose treatment. This was followed by autologous stem cell transplantation.

In autologous transplant, stem cells are used from the patient’s body. These cells are removed from the body before the chemotherapy and transplanted after the treatment is over. The transplant not only improved Daniel’s quality of life but also prolonged his survival. According to the doctors, Daniel is now symptom-free and leads a healthy, productive life.

Dr Sathish said, Stem cell transplant is not new. However, now it’s becoming more accessible. This was our first stem cell transplant. Daniel works in Bangalore and had planned to go back to Switzerland for the stem cell transplant, but today he has confidence in the healthcare available here.