Cell And Gene Therapy CDMO Services Market Is On The Rise

The global cell and gene therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services market, which was valued at USD 5,193.7 million in 2022, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2029. Several factors contribute to this growth, including the expanding pipeline of cell and gene therapy candidates and patients, the growing investment in cell and gene therapy, the rising adoption of promising treatments, advancements in manufacturing technologies, the increasing outsourcing trends, and a favorable regulatory environment. The prevalence of chronic diseases like cardiac issues, genetic disorders, cancer, and autoimmune diseases worldwide further adds to the momentum of this market’s growth.

CAGT has the potential to address genetic and acquired diseases by targeting their root causes. It offers concepts and techniques applicable to reproductive potential, remodeling, and gene regulation. The US is witnessing an increasing adoption of gene therapy in diagnostics, therapeutics, and research related to oncology and clinical disorders. Factors like a growing geriatric population and rising infectious diseases worldwide are expected to drive the growth of the Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Services Market. Furthermore, investments in new product launches and clinical trials by market players contribute to its growth.

Cell therapy is projected to dominate the field, and North America is a target for Cell and Gene Therapy CDMOs, with major acquisitions occurring in the US. The demand for CDMOs from emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies, coupled with the advantages they offer, creates lucrative opportunities for market expansion.

CDMO Services Market:

The global Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Services market is segmented based on therapy type. It includes Cell Therapy (Autologous, Allogeneic, Viral Vector) and Gene Therapy (Viral Vectors and Non-viral Vectors). The cell therapy segment is expected to generate a larger revenue share, especially in cardiovascular disease research, benefiting from extensive pre-clinical studies focusing on cell biology, mechanism of action, phenotypic efficacy, and immunology. Allogenic therapy, in particular, offers highly functional cells that are readily available for studies. These factors are anticipated to propel the growth of the Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Services market, which is further segmented based on therapy type, application, therapeutic area, end user, and geography.

In addition to therapy type, the market is further divided into other segments based on application, including Clinical Manufacturing and Commercial Manufacturing. The therapeutic area segment encompasses categories such as Oncology, Orthopedics, infectious disease, Cardiovascular Disease, and Others. Furthermore, the end-user segment consists of Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies, Academics & Research Institutes, and Others.

Market players in the global Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Services industry are utilizing strategies such as strategic new product launches, mergers, acquisitions, and agreements to improve their market position. The market analysis reveals that key players are increasingly focusing on introducing innovative products, conducting product launches, and establishing long-term alliances to expand their market share and establish a strong presence in different geographical regions.

Some of the prominent companies operating in the cell and gene therapy CDMO services market include FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Charles River Laboratories, Wuxi App Tec, Merck KGaA, Oxford Biomedica Plc, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, F. Hoffmann-La Roche LTD., Lonza, Catalent, and Takara Bio-Inc.