Bora merges with Sunway Biotech to launch global Nutraceuticals offering

Bora Health, a global design, development and distribution partner of pharmaceuticals and health foods and part of the Bora group, has announced its merged with Sunway Biotech, a leading ingredients manufacturer, and research and development (R&D) organization. Resulting in the parent company of Bora Health, Bora Pharmaceuticals becoming the largest shareholder of Sunway Biotech.

Sunway Biotech gives the Bora Group access to a full suite of fermentation and extraction facilities with full R&D and analytical capabilities. Bora’s CDMO business will be able to use Sunway’s yeast manufacturing technology at its facility in Taipei, Taiwan to produce Ankascin® 568-R, an ingredient used for the formulation of dietary supplements and fortified foods for its customers across the world.

Ankascin® 568-R is extracted from fermented products of patented functional red yeast strain (Monascus purpureus NTU 568). It is the only FDA approved red yeast ingredient available on the US market without the controversial ingredient monacolin K (Lovastatin). Ankascin® 568-R helps support blood glucose management, cardiovascular health, memory, cognitive health and healthy ageing.

Bobby Sheng, CEO of Bora Group, said: “The global nutraceuticals market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% by 2030. This growth is fuelled by consumers increasingly turning to nutraceuticals for their proven health benefits.”

“We’re thrilled to now have the controlling interest in Sunway Biotech giving us access to technology that manufactures Ankascin® 568-R and Vigiis101-LAB. As we continue to grow our service range as a CDMO, we are excited to be entering the supplements market. With Sunway’s fermentation know-how, not only will we have a unique patented ingredient in Ankascin 568-R, we will also be able to create products for the growing prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic market.”

Vigiis101-LAB is a probiotic that contains a patented functional strain called Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei NTU 101 that is legally consumable in the EU, China, Taiwan and Canada. It’s suitable for the formulation of dietary supplements and fortified foods and used for enhancing digestion and improving gastrointestinal microbiota.

Sheng continued: “Simon Chang will act as Vice Chairman of Sunway and CEO, John Pan will continue to lead operations for Sunway Biotech. As one of Bora’s more senior leaders, it’s great to have Simon lead us into this buoyant market.”

Founded in 2007, Sunway Biotech was established as a centre of excellence for the research and development of health food and ingredients. The organization was awarded the GOLD award at Taiwan’s BIO awards in 2022 and the Ankascin® 568-R has been shortlisted in the Botanical category at the Nutraingredient USA Awards 2023.