BMG Pharma and HTL sign a development agreement to manufacture BMG’s new biopolymer based on the Hyaluromimethic Technology

BMG Pharma – a biotech and B2B company headquartered in Milan with its chemical plant in Torviscosa (Italy) that exports its medical products to more than 80 countries – has signed a development and commercial agreement with HTL, a leading biotech and industrial player in the development and production of innovative, pharmaceutical-grade biopolymers. With this agreement, HTL will exclusively develop, scale-up, and supply a high-grade functional injectable Hyaluronic Acid based active ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate Lipoate Formate (SHLF), for a major part of BMG Pharma’s products.

The agreement will allow BMG Pharma to develop, register, and launch its injectable grade Sodium Hyaluronate Lipoate Formate (SHLF) product platform in Europe, the US, and Asia. SHLF’s properties including improved resistance to enzymatic degradation, self-crosslinking properties, and elastic modulus are of great interest in dermo-aesthetic and osteoarthritis medicine. SHLF is also considered for therapeutic solutions in ophthalmology and osteoarthritis.

SHLF has been developed in our R&D labs and allows us to further leverage the therapeutical potential of hyaluronan for several medical applications. We are very excited and proud of the long-term partnership with HTL, which is a recognized international leader in R&D and manufacturing for Medical Grade Biopolymers” – comments Marco Mastrodonato, CEO and Co-Founder of BMG Pharma, adding: “The agreement with HTL will let us enforce our commitment in this area and develop products that can bring advantages not only in aesthetic medicine but also to patients with degenerative joint or ophthalmological diseases.

The agreement with HTL is part of the commitment to innovation and technological research pursued by the Italian company, with its leading position in R&D. BMG Pharma will be able to develop for the first time at a global level, new formulations of injectable products with high standards of quality, stability, and safety.

Developing and producing innovative, pharmaceutical-grade biopolymers for international leaders aiming at improving the lives of their patients, represent the very core of our activity.” explains Charles Ruban, HTL’s Deputy CEO. “This is why we are particularly delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with BMG Pharma and mobilize our unique expertise and know-how to produce the unique functionalized biopolymers of uncompromised quality its patients deserve.”

BMG Pharma

BMG Pharma is a B2B biotech company strongly dedicated to innovation in developing and registering, cutting-edge medical products, operating in three main therapeutic areas: oral care, osteoarthritis, and aesthetic dermatology. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, BMG Pharma has a production site in Troviscosa (UD), one of Europe’s leading technology hubs focused on the development of new state-of-the-art biopolymers.

BMG Pharma operates in more than 80 countries around the world, marketing its products in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, and has a dense network of collaborators, to take advantage of the marketing and distribution of its products. It has signed 26 distribution agreements and boasts partnerships with five contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) world leaders for the manufacturing of its products. In June 2018, it acquired Sigea Srl, a private Italian biotech company, with an important pipeline in the field of patented polysaccharide derivatives that has allowed it to expand the product portfolio and accelerate the development of new products and dermo-cosmetics, allowing to bring to market the patented Hyaluromimethic® Technology.

HTL Biotechnology

HTL is a leading biotech and industrial player in the development and production of innovative, pharmaceutical-grade biopolymers that are used by leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies to transform the lives of millions of patients in multiple therapeutic areas such as ophthalmology, dermatology, medical aesthetics, rheumatology, and urology.

As a pioneer in the bioproduction of hyaluronic acid, HTL has developed and refined its innovative functional biopolymer platform that has enabled it to produce “custom”, pharmaceutical grade products for clients worldwide for over 25 years.

HTL stands at the forefront of innovation in the biopolymer industry to meet tomorrow’s medical needs by creating new types of biopolymers and chemical modifications while exploring the untapped potential of biopolymers in innovative applications such as bioprinting or drug delivery.