Almac, Queens University Launch Drug Discovery Facility in Belfast

Almac Discovery and Queen’s University Belfast reported a five-year project to develop a new Chemoproteomics Centre of Excellence for drug discovery. The multi-million-pound facility, which is jointly funded by Almac Discovery and a BBSRC Prosperity Partnership award, is a first of its kind in Northern Ireland and will be located at Queen’s University.

The project combines the experience of industrial and academic experts to shine a new light on the way drug molecules could be used to treat disease, by using advanced mass spectrometry techniques to examine their effects on thousands of potential drug targets simultaneously, in disease relevant systems.

The latest collaboration will leverage the capabilities and state-of-the-art expertise of Queen’s researchers in mass spectrometry and biological research across three Queen’s University research centers.

Tim Harrison, vice president of Almac Discovery said, “Creating this industry-facing, university-based facility represents a unique opportunity to provide a step-change in proteomics-based experimental capabilities in Northern Ireland. “Our vision is to build an internationally recognised resource comprising chemical probes, experimental capabilities, and proteomics expertise which will accelerate the research and development programmes of regional, national and international industrial and academic partners.”

Christopher Scott, Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, Queen’s, said, “We are delighted to see this exciting new initiative which will drive the research capabilities of both Queen’s and Almac. Our vision is that this Centre of Excellence will become a national asset that can help support broader research and education pipelines nationally.”