Advanced Therapies To Be Driven By Innovation-First Mindset

The Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre- ATTC Network has gone on to release a report that stresses the pressing need when it comes to swift and effective changes in the field so as to enhance patient access to advanced therapies.

The information was put into place by using the expertise gathered during ATTC Network’s UK Advanced Therapies Adoption Challenge event, which was held in October. During the event, the attendees got engaged in discussions concerning the obstacles causing hinderance to the adoption of advanced therapies and, at the same time, worked together to devise effective solutions.

Supporting the advanced therapy sector’s future

The report goes on to recommend the creation of a novel taskforce when it comes to advanced therapies, which involve numerous stakeholders and departments.

As per the ATTC Network, experts at the event went on to recommend investing in strengthening the country’s already highly skilled research workforce as well as expediting the approval process when it comes to clinical trials. The report pinpoints these actions as key priorities when it comes to promoting quick action and a mindset that’s completely focused on innovation.

It is well to be noted that the list of recommendations and solutions so as to address the challenge happened to be as follows:

  • Make use of the UK’s existing world-leading expertise in terms of establishing it as the premier global destination when it comes to conducting trials as well as delivering these medicines.
  • It is important to acknowledge the value of these therapies so as to ensure that patients in the UK avail the advantage of the most advanced as well as innovative health technologies that are available.
  • So as to fully capitalize on advanced therapy delivery at scale, it is important to invest in bolstering the workforce and, at the same time, enhancing the delivery infrastructure in the UK.
  • Boost the utilization of data throughout the entire system to create a cohesive ecosystem when it comes to these treatments.

The ATTC Network states that there has been major progress when it comes to the development of new cell and gene therapies in the case of treatment of certain cancers as well as inherited diseases in the past 5 years. But it is important to note that treatments, which indeed happen to be innovative, go on to face distinct issues vis-à-vis traditional medicines.

The UK advanced therapy community happens to be ready to take the lead when it comes to researching, testing, and, at the same time, implementing these therapies. But the organization has taken into account the requirement for change so as to successfully deliver these ambitious goals on scale, which is indeed very large.

It is well to be noted that, so as to completely realize the value of cell and gene therapies, along with their potential to revolutionize healthcare, it is important to be able to deliver these advanced therapies on a scale that’s pretty large. Matthew Durdy, the Chief Executive at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, also added that by making sure that the patients have access to these transformative medicines once they get approval, the health system will meet the demand, lessen the costs, and encourage investment to a significant level.