AARDEX Group and AdhereTech Partnership Boosts Medication Adherence with Software, Data Analytics and Smart Pill Bottle

Belgium-based AARDEX Group, the world leader in medication adherence solutions, announced a strategic partnership with AdhereTech, an innovative company that improves the patient experience with real-time technology and Smart devices for optimal medication benefits. The collaboration will link AARDEX’s proprietary Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS®) with AdhereTech’s Smart Adherence System, featuring the AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle.

In clinical trials, nonadherence to medication leads to increased patient drop offs, delayed approval, and diminished efficacy to the point of trial failure. Combining MEMS® Adherence Software (MEMS AS®) with AdhereTech’s connected device offers the opportunity to help patients adhere to their dosing regimens through early intervention. As a Smart Devices Partner, AdhereTech joins AARDEX’s ever-growing ecosystem of MEMS® Adherence Hardware.

“Medication nonadherence has huge implications, not just for commercialized treatments and real-world conditions but also clinical trials,” said David Dalla Vecchia, CEO and Financial Lead of AARDEX Group. “AdhereTech’s technologies offer an opportunity for early intervention and increased adherence. This partnership adds to our existing strong portfolio of collaborations, allowing us to offer end-to-end patient noncompliance solutions.”

MEMS AS® is a flexible, online web solution providing sound analysis of medication-taking behaviors for powerful visualization and focused feedback for the patient. It can be connected and integrated into third-party applications for risk stratification and patient empowerment.

AdhereTech optimizes patient adherence with its revolutionary Smart Pill Bottle, which offers an intuitive experience that is easy to use right out of the box. The company’s proprietary Smart Pill Bottle and 2-way messaging platform keeps patients on track with their medication protocol while enabling real-time connection between visits, sending alerts to site coordinators when adherence interventions are necessary.

“Our technology helps provide a continuous connection between trial organizers and their patients ensuring regulated dose behavior and immediate intervention when necessary,” said Josh Stein, cofounder, and president of AdhereTech. “The combination of our real-time data with AARDEX MEMS AS® will help to improve medication adherence in the important area of clinical trials.”

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